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Commercial Concrete Polishing

Many businesses in the Chicagoland Area have turned to Contemporary Concrete Creations, in the last 25 years to allow us to give them a low maintenance, cost effective flooring alternative to the more expensive, high maintenance options. In recent years, polished concrete floors have become as popular in commercial properties as they have been in homes around Illinois.

Why Do Businesses Like Polished Concrete Floors?

A large office or business space can be a headache if the wrong type of floor is chosen. Business owners and managers don’t want the hassle of working around cleaning schedules and high overhead costs due to the expense of having the floors cleaned. Polished concrete floors remove those headaches for businesses.

Polished Concrete – A Sound Choice for the Environment

Your choice of polished concrete puts you on the leading edge of environmental stewardship. In fact, with polished concrete your home or facility will become more environmentally friendly in a number of ways:
The polishing rejuvenation process eliminates the impact and cost of demolition, removal and disposal of existing floors. The materials used in our polishing systems are VOC compliant. There are no solvents or continued “gas off” that is common with carpet and tile.
The remarkable durability of polished concrete systems delivers superb maintenance results with water and conditioner at a great savings compared with other floor types.
The inherent reflective and thermal mass properties in polished concrete floors can substantially reduce the expense and energy used for lighting and heating your home or facility.
Go ahead and go green! Make Contemporary Concrete Creations a part of your environmental stewardship strategy and enjoy the added benefits of long-term savings and a great looking polished floor